Un pressing responsable ?

Responsible pressing?

Our responsible laundry solutions. In Paris and elsewhere!

So of course, recommending that you entrust your clothes to environmentally friendly dry cleaners is easy and it's easy to say.

As we didn't want to look lazy, we did the research for you, and here are our results!

Sequoia pressing

sequoi pressing mirae

A responsible laundry chain using Greenearth technology. They are located in Paris, in the Paris region, in Lyon, Tours, Nantes, Bordeaux, La Rochelle... In short, a great solution... Below is the link to the list of their stores.



A dry cleaner in Paris that picks up your detergent from your home in an electric tricycle and washes everything with ecological detergents, the solution for those in a hurry! And a good opportunity to look at pictures of adorable raccoons!


Baleo pressing

Another laundry chain, with zero solvents used, and an ultra-responsible approach at all levels of their business. Present in Paris, Montpellier, Lille, Grenoble, Cholet and many others!


The laundry workshop

Located in Paris and in the Paris region, the workshop is committed to being as responsible as it is qualitative.


That's a good start, right? We're sure there are plenty of others, and it's even worth discussing them with your beloved launderer, if it happens he has already taken similar initiatives and if not, it might give him some ideas. !


From the leached kitten and the Miræ team.

mirae responsible laundry

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