Building on the success of her eponymous brand, Tara Jarmon teamed up with her daughter Camille Jarmon in 2018 to found miræ paris, a brand for modern, feminine women. The duo made it their mission to offer second-hand clothing that was both special and versatile - the success was immediate. Miræ took a bold creative turn when Maya Chantout joined the team in 2020 - she added a fresh perspective and a fashion twist. Maya quickly embodied the miræ woman to perfection - uninhibited, adventurous, lighthearted - she became creative director and the team never looked back.

Today, miræ is known for its bold, unique patterns and feminine silhouettes, all conceptualized and hand-drawn in-house. Every miræ garment is consciously handcrafted in Europe using only the finest natural fabrics. Camille and Maya are the perfect team, and passion and creativity are at the heart of their vision.

The Mirae woman is playful, daring and uninhibited. Each model is a true original, like the women who wear it.

Passion and creativity are at the heart of the miræ vision!


She grew up in her mother's office, watching Tara carefully develop her eponymous line in the 90s. As a child, Camille made clothes for her dolls with fabric scraps from her mother's creations and developed a love for fashion, design and feminine expression. These beginnings inspired Miræ years later.

After starting her career in fashion e-commerce, Camille and her mother teamed up to create miræ in 2018. Tara instilled in Camille an in-depth knowledge of sourcing, design and production, while Camille oversaw the brand's logistics.

In 2020, Camille was introduced to Maya Chantout, a true designer, and the two joined forces soon after. Together they work to create and inspire through bold design. Camille lives and works in Paris where she leads the expansion, marketing and strategy of miræ. She works with her small, tight-knit team to implement a powerful vision.


For us it is really important to find solutions to reduce the negative impact of our industry on the world. We have learned a lot since the start but we still have a long way to go and we look forward to evolving with you.

Besides, if you have any suggestions for us to improve, we're all ears!

Raw materials

We decided to do our best while remaining faithful to our desires, and here are our solutions:

  • Materials of natural origin or with a low ecological footprint.
  • Factories certified oeko-tex or with a responsible approach as soon as possible.
  • Stocks of fabrics that have crossed our path. It involves limited quantities and super nice manufacturers.


We have sought partners who share our passion and integrity. We visited each factory to verify that they meet wage standards and provide fair working conditions to their employees.