Jeanna Krichel on finding ART in qu(AR)an(T)ine

Jeanna Krichel on finding ART in qu(AR)an(T)ine

Jeanna Krichel, is a creative, passionate, humorous, business women, mother and artist.  We interviewed on finding the ART in qu(AR)an(T)ine, we discover how she's making the most with the time she has at home with her 2 beautiful children, how she rediscovers her artistic ability and herself. 

(This is the gorgeous Jeanna)

1.What do you do?

I'm a stylist and creative director with a passion for interior! 

(Jeanna working at home)

2.Where do you live?

I used to live in Paris in the past. Now I'm based in south Germany. But Paris will always be special to me. So I'm still going there as often as I can to work, to visit my friends and just having a good time.

(This is one of Jeanna's favorite corners of her home)

3.Explain your style

My style depending on my mood - sometimes more is more - shine as bright as a diamond. The concept of ''overdressed'' doesn't exist in my world! I dress for me and I don't care what other people think, that is my style!

4.What's your favorite form of art?

My favorite form of art, is that art hasn't any form. I love all art forms. 

5.How long have you been painting for?

I started when I was 8 years old and then I trained to become an expressionist. However I haven't painted in over 10 years and being in quarantine made me want to create. But maybe this painting will be the last for another 10 year, I'll be like Dr. Dre creating one a decade ahah! 

(Jeanna and her first painting in 10 years! in our Debora Noir)


6.How's quarantine been?

It's been great actually. It's brought me and my children (2) together, I've also realized what really matters to me. I've found my light and passion again.

7.Explain your perfect day at home (in quarantine)

I love waking up to the sun, and the fresh smell of coffee and listening to good music. I've learned to love my morning routine because I want to start every day on a positive note. I've also loved the freedom of doing as I please.

(Jeanna at home)

8.How does Mirae inspire you?

I love the little details of your clothes. I love the colors and the feeling of your fabrics on the skin. Mirae helps emphasize a woman's individuality. 

(Jeanna is wearing our Debora Noir)


9. What are you most excited for once the quarantine period is over?

I can't wait to get back to the beach. I miss the ocean so much. 

10.What will you wear on day one of freedom?

A glitter dress that shines so bright that even the sun is blinded by me ;-)

(Jeanna, getting dressed for herself at home)

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jeanna Krichel and we hope this inspires you to find your ART in qu(AR)an(T)ine, let us know how you are spending your time in at home. 



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