The Bespoke factory is located in Bucharest in sector 4, we go there very often to try the models on site, and to be able to work directly with the team.

Doina Georgescu

Doina Georgescu is the owner and founder of the factory we work with in Romania. Here is his story:

Her first name Doina comes from a traditional Romanian song, sad but full of hope at the end, she made it her credo, at every hard moment, there are tears but always hope...

She grew up in Bucharest. Her father was an engineer, her mother a lawyer, they had decided that she would be an engineer, she wanted to be a lawyer, or a doctor... In the end, she did obtain a degree in chemical engineering, which she never took. test.

Her love affair with fashion began one morning when she bought two meters of fabric, and made a coat that one of her friends wanted to buy for her immediately! The next day, rebelotte with four meters and two coats...

Today, she is an ambassador for a network of women entrepreneurs in Europe, works with passion and is proud to have a job that she loves so much.

We are proud to work with her and her employees.

The workshop

It is on the first floor in his workshop that some of our patterns and prototypes are designed, it is a factory specializing in what is called "fuzziness" in our profession, i.e. everything that is done in fluid fabrics and light.

Gabi model maker

It is Gabriella who makes our patterns, by hand and on the appropriate software. She is helped with the grading and placement of sizes before production.

They share their offices with a mechanic, a network manager and a production manager.


On the ground floor is the factory itself, with the machines, roll stock and the office of Corina, the stock and packaging manager.

This is also where the cutting table is. Everything is still cut by hand for each production to optimize losses as much as possible. Besides, all the scraps are kept, to make small gifts and not waste raw material.

All parts are checked by Stefania, then Corina before being packed and shipped to our warehouse. We go there too, and we re-check everything, just in case, to make sure that what will happen to you, is at the level of our requirements!

Here, you have taken a tour of our first partner, the others will follow in the days to come on our blog!


The Mirae team