A chat with Camille Jarmon, co-founder of Mirae

A chat with Camille Jarmon, co-founder of Mirae

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Camille Jarmon is much more than an iconic daughter. She is a charismatic, creative, savvy, and vibrant woman. Camille started Mirae with her mother Tara. It has grown so much since its beginnings but has remained a soulful, mother-daughter brand. Mirae has is at the helm of the new wave French style!

(Camille Jarmond)

Now let's get to know the phenomenal multi-tasker Camille with a few questions:

1. Where are you from?

I am from Paris, but I grew up in France and the US. 

(Tara and Camille Jarmon, 1992)

2. Where did you go to University? 

I went to University in California where my mother's family lives. Soon after graduating I moved to New York City.

(Camille in LA 2009)

(Camille in New York City, 2012)

3. How did growing up in a bilingual home affect your outlook on life?

I have read that bilinguals can have “split personality” meaning that we have two different brains. I can completely attest to that. I feel like my brain operates differently when I speak English compared to when I speak French.

Being bilingual has fostered a sense of freedom for me. Freedom to cross borders, broaden opportunities, and learn new things. It has taken a lot of practice but I feel completely at ease with people who come from different cultures as we are bound by a universal language.

4. What are you passionate about?

I am obsessed with Mirae. The brand is the work of my passion and reflects my love for fashion and art illustrated by how how we evolve as a society.

(Camille and Tara in LA 2012)

5. When your mother (Tara Jarmon) asked you to co-found Mirae what was your reaction?

After spending 5 years in the US attending University I returned to Paris and began working with my mother in the Tara Jarmon label. After a long day at work my mother and I would have a nice glass of wine (Meusault is our favorite) and dream about starting something new, creating what we desire and doing things differently. We were at the cusp of the e-commerce boom. When the right opportunity finally aroused, we were absolutely thrilled. My Mom and I continue to have those dreamy moments over wine. Now we have Mirae to turn those chats into a reality. 

(Camille and Tara)

6. How has Mirae changed and influenced your life?

I have grown a trillion percent in the past two years. Mirae has also built my confidence. I realize that there is nothing that I cannot learn, and do. There is no shame in asking for help or being vulnerable. Mirae has taught me to trust myself.

(Camille in Saint-Tropez, 2019)

7. Who is the Mirae woman to you and how does she inspire you to cultivate each collection?

The Mirae woman isn't afraid to stand out in a crowd. She is not afraid to expose her femininity. The Mirae woman is confident in who she is, what she wants, is lots of fun but is also respectable.

(Camille at Mirae HQ in Paris)

8. The Mirae woman seems to be heavily inspired by modern-nostalgia, the arts and the warm summer. Did you grow up with these elements?

My Mother grew up in the 70's in California, and as a child and even now I love looking at all her old pictures with my grandmothers. As a family we gather together in the Christmastime and look back at old photos. Their memories of the 70s in Palm Springs and her youth make life seem so idyllic.

My mother later moved to Paris in the 80's. When I was a child my parents would drive off to St Tropez every chance they could get. I've love hearing their stories of that time in their libes. It seemed much more free. As if they lived without restrictions and boundaries.

(Tara and Friends in the 2003)

Growing up, I enjoyed getting in my moms clothes and pretend I was living in their old stories! I did grow up inspired by the past and hope that this present day inspires someone in the future as well.

(Camille and a friend in the South of France, 2019)

We hope you all enjoyed getting to know the name behind all our emails, posts, collections and everything else Mirae!

Stay inspired!



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