La leçon de cuisine d'Alice !

Alice's cooking lesson!

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“Eyes bigger than stomach”


Gluttony, a bad fault? Let's go!
It's a cute sin that thrills our taste buds!

You recognized it, our dear Alice Moireau embodies

the witch in our latest collection.
As the witch needs to gain strength,
she also knows how to put magic in the kitchen.

For the record, Alice has dreamed of opening a restaurant since her childhood.
To prove to us her certain devotion, she did not resist
the desire to put the small dishes in the big ones.
All this for our greatest pleasure!

At Mirae we have a sense of sharing
It would have been a sin not to reveal to you
the recipe for its Sicilian stuffed peppers. 

Little wink to his dad, author of the recipe.

The instructions :

1-preparation of the stuffing:

- soak the breadcrumbs in water then squeeze them to remove the excess,
- add the diced and seeded tomatoes, finely chopped garlic, fresh basil, capers, grilled pine nuts and chopped anchovies, salt and pepper to taste,
- add the olive oil,
- to mix together.

2-Preparing the peppers:

- cut the peppers in half and deseed them completely,
- garnish the peppers with the stuffing (in their every nook and cranny!),

3-Cook at 200° for 1 hour.

Good tasting !

*Psssst, Alice is wearing Joy Heart!

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