Notre Angora Ethique !

Our Ethical Angora!

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Finding solutions to reduce the negative impact of our industry on the world is one of our first commitments. Our angora wool is produced in an ethical approach where the guarantee of animal welfare is respected. We will explain everything to you.

What is angora wool?

Undoubtedly one of the best wools. His hair is particularly long and soft. It is up to nine times warmer than sheep's wool. It is a fiber (animal), at the same time warm, insulating and airy. You are ready to face the cold gently.

Why do we love it?

For its fluffy appearance and because it is very soft. It is a supreme comforter that we would like to keep for a long time.

Why did we want to do this?

May the one who has never fantasized about the legendary sweater worn by Nastassja Kinski in Paris Texas by Wim Wenders throw the first stone at us! (Edith), our DA couldn't pay homage to this cult film without reproducing this cocooning sweater in which we want to curl up.

What is the Ethic Angora?

The ethical angora is not a myth, the proof: We have long studied the question, including alternatives, such as mohair; and here is our solution We placed our trust in the world leader in inspection, the SGS group, which provided us with an in-depth assessment of respect for animals in the yarn production plant. We have demonstrated a great demand for the well-being of Angora rabbits. The hair is cut or clipped with care, without pain or bad treatment. The living conditions of the animal are secure, their habitat is cleaned regularly Our objective is that everything is done with respect for the animal. The audit carried out by SGS reassured us on these points, which is why we produced with this material.

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