Mini & Me

Mini & Me

Mini & Me: We tell you the story of 3 Mirae Girls:

On the occasion of our Children's capsule collection specially created for Mother's Day, we had the opportunity to collaborate with three women with impressive backgrounds.

Miræ Mom #1: Ilona Minas

Who is she ?

Entrepreneur at heart, mother of two children, and very active in life, the idea for Picky Spring came to her quite naturally:
A fairly simple observation: the salad is definitely not a dish that can be eaten on the go or “on the go”. How to make it completely nomadic? Picky Spring was born.
It is committed to the environment by using only aesthetic and responsible packaging: the cardboard used for their manufacture is recycled while the bottles are biodegradable and entirely made of cornstarch.
She also wants to highlight the taste by using good, authentic and local products, so that gourmet foodies as well as picky eaters can find something for everyone.
From a nutritional point of view, the products offered by Picky Spring are also qualitative and beneficial to health because they have a low glycemic index and are full of antioxidants.

Why do we love it?

Picky Spring is currently a hit and it is exactly in this kind of transparent and committed brand that we find the principles of Mirae.

You can find the delicious creations of Picky Spring on:

Miræ Mom #2: Charlotte Tarbouriech

Young mother from Gaia, Charlotte has been a shoe designer for 10 years.
Always committed, she is thinking about how to design a shoe brand using responsible and recycled materials.

Miræ Mom #3: Allison Lepape

Who is she ?

Allison Lepape is an ambitious entrepreneur, founder of  Sienna Paris , brand of baby accessories.

It was her daughter who inspired her to create this company, which bears her first name, Sienna.

As an active and committed mother of two, Allison wanted to provide the best for her little girl. Unable to find out-of-the-box clothes among the major clothing brands, she started by creating the hashtag #thedailysienna on her Insta account by posting her daughter's outfits.

This is where it all started, she decided to create the pieces she had been looking for for years to wear to her children.

As her project developed, she teamed up with her friends, who were also young mothers. It is in a positive spirit of mutual aid and ambition that they shared the roles, ranging from drawing, to visual identity or even to photography and manufacturing.

Why do we love Sienna Paris?

Quite simply because it corresponds perfectly to our values, here at Mirae, since it produces playful and customizable fashion, with 100% made in France manufacturing and textiles that care about the environment.

In order to favor the personality of each child she dresses, she offers unique products. It is possible to choose all the characteristics that compose it, from the fabric, to the stitching to the smallest details such as embroidery.

To guarantee impeccable quality, Allison's brand clothes are all handcrafted in Paris.

And since the comfort as well as the health and safety of our Mini-us are most important, the textiles are allergen-free and OEKO-TEX certified.

Customizable cushions and bed linen to be found on:

Mini & Me, our capsule collection created for mothers and their daughters.

The determination and impressive journeys of our three mothers Allison, Charlotte and Ilona inspired us a lot to create our Mini & Me collection.

We wanted to offer pieces that are as delicate as they are comfortable and respectful of the environment. It was when choosing how to use our fabric scraps this season that we came up with the idea of ​​designing this capsule for children.

As always, and to preserve the future of the children who will wear our products, we have ensured that the silk used is labeled OEKO-TEX, like those of the Sienna Paris brand.

Designed for active and committed mums, the Mini & Me collection is available now on our eshop!

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