Les adresses de Camille dans le Elle!

Camille's addresses in Elle!

A walk on rue Charlot! Reading Camille's addresses in Elle! 1 minute Next Mini & Me

Camille, our communication/logistics/marketing/financial manager is not always immersed in her computer/telephone/figures/blog/backoffice....

Sometimes it takes a little air, just to see more clearly!

For that, she will take a walk in her favorite cafe, hunt for decoration for her home, or just have a drink to forget us a little to better find us the next day....

As a result, she told Elle her favorite Parisian addresses, and here is the article!

We summarize its addresses here:

To drink !

-The Piaf, 38 rue Jean Mermoz 75008,

-The Feathered Serpent, 24, place des Vosges 75003,

To shop!

-Madeleine and Gustave, 47 rue Bonaparte 75006,

-The vintage website Imparfaiteparis.com

-Loq shoes, loq.us

-The Frankie shop, 14 rue Saint Claude 75003,

To eat !

-Iovines, 7 bis rue du Colonel-Driant 75001,

-Sanukiya, 9 rue d'Argenteuil 75001,

-Ten Belles, 10 rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010

-Picky Spring, pickyspring.com

We let you discover!!!!



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