Une balade rue Charlot !

A walk on rue Charlot!

10 other reasons to come see us!

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Hello !

We give you an appointment for a third pop-up, from May 18 to 27, from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 54 rue Charlot, 75003!

For those who don't know this district yet: here are 10 reasons to come for a walk during your day off!

1- Mirae POP-UP

How about starting the visit with the POP-UP Mirae? We are waiting for you to speculate and comment on Meghan's dress....

54 rue Charlot 75003

2- Wild and the moon

We advise you to go just opposite to Wild & The Moon, a delicious café, where you can eat delicious things that are good for your health:

Wild and the Moon: a 3rd millennium tea room designed as a very polished Parisian oasis, which twists the lab spirit, very wild vegetable touches and a raw decoration, all under the direction of Emma Sawko, a pretty Frenchie bottle-fed with influences Californians and who started his business in Dubai.

Obviously, here, we are gluten-free, lactose-free in naturopathic mode at full speed with all the super glam and too good food that spins the fishing. We find there all the fashion obsessions of the moment : avocado toast (€7), acai bowl (€9), chia pudding, lentil salads or veggie meatballs… Not to mention Energy Bombs or Vitality Shots.

We love: their “pornjuices” in lactose-free mode so good, light and digestible. To be tested absolutely: a bombastic chaï latte made with almond milk and maple syrup and the furiously regressive Kinder Shake with honey almond milk, raw cocoa, vanilla and vegan ice cream.

3- A short break at the Charlot?

See and be seen, the game on the Café Charlot terrace! Essential, except for those who prefer Progress a little further....

4- Reformation Pilates: Nothing better than a good pilates class at REFORMATION.

We continue to take care of ourselves and our abdominal muscles in anticipation of the afternoon treats... The best, according to Camille, is Pilates!

We advise you to take a look at Reformation, you will surely meet one of us there in special Pop-up training...

The wearing of the heads of the prima ballerinas, the slim and nicely curved ass tops, slender legs, a flat stomach and well-defined ankles: it is indeed re-form that we owe them...

We like: addictive and super effective courses of 55 minutes who work like never before without sweating like a camel. If chic changing rooms and showers are available, you can get dressed and go back to work straight away.

It is said: at the rate of 2 to 3 times a week, you will have the body of Blake Lively this summer.

5- Suisen: The Japanese SPA:

After so much effort, comfort and we go to steal their beauty secrets from the Japanese!

It feels like the heart of a ryokan at the feet of Mount Fuji.

The stage is set. This ultra-sharp shiatsu salon, we owe it to Sandra Jollet , passionate about Japan , which has criss-crossed the Japanese territory to offer total immersion in a holistic approach. On entering, you let go of your stress, the better to curl up in the Zen spirit of the place.

Here, no phony massage, but a menu of 4 perfect treatments, like traditional shiatsu. A therapeutic massage that perks you up, treats ailments, practiced on a tatami by a guru of the genre.

Another signature of the house: the Sei , the Japanese beauty secret for youth. It tones the skin, refines its texture, erases signs of fatigue and expression lines. You lost 5 years in no time.

6- Rediscover the Picasso Museum

If you've been a bit of a dunce and haven't been back since the works... Or just for the pleasure of the eyes...

7- Treat yourself to flowers at Fleuriste Castor

No reason to wait for a potential suitor to offer you a bouquet, take the bull by the horns and go to Castor, as much for the flowers as for the vases and the place!

The star florist of the moment, he flowers the shops of the Marais with only seasonal flowers and assortments that change from the eternal bouquet of roses...

"I never give a bouquet without the accompanying vase."

The owner has developed with the Jean Roger workshop models of exclusive vases and limited series that he offers with bouquets.

8- Museum of hunting and nature

For those who want something more unusual, we have solutions!

This small museum is full of stuffed animals staged in a very beautiful mansion of the husband. What adds to the interest of the visit is that exhibitions of contemporary artists are organized there, showcasing the collections which then dialogue with the works.

9 - Let yourself be guided by the aromas of the red children's market

At Mirae, we eat, a lot, often, we love it!!!!

So we go back to the red children's market, we can find meat "from Chateauneuf", direct from the producer, a bookstore, flowers....

And we love a bento box at Taeko! Edith recommends the tuna marinated in ginger...

10-The small puffs of Popelini

Peckish ? (we laugh, but not too much...) Poplini cabbages, you will also find them with us, we have them delivered to our twenties for a snack!

Well, in real life come see us, we have lots of things to recommend for a great day in the marsh!

We are planning tea and coffee and we are looking forward to you, to chat, exchange and see you in Mirae!


The Mirae team: Tara, Camille and Edith

PS: We also invite you to come and do yoga! Sunday morning at 10 a.m.! Send us an email at hello@miraeparis.com to book!

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