Une interview avec la YouTubeuse Zoé Tondut

An interview with YouTuber Zoé Tondut

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We met Zoé Tondut , a very inspiring young woman. she has been a French YouTuber since she was 13!`

Let's get to know this girl boss a little more...

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Zoé Tondut, I'm 20, I live in Angers and I'm the eldest in my family.

For more than 7 years now I have been sharing my daily life on instagram, youtube and more recently tiktok!

2. When did you discover YouTube, and when did you know you wanted to pursue it?

I discovered youtube around 2011 at the age of 10, at the beginning I simply followed my

favorite youtubers and then towards the end of 2013 I also wanted to try to be like them.

At the very beginning I didn't show my face, I made petshop videos: little figurines that I played with when I was little.

As I started to film myself with my grandparents' webcam, I made videos with my cousins ​​and my sister, I showed my jewelry or my decoration:  it was very good-natured and I loved the fact of being able to create something where I was 100% free on the content.

When I started I had 50 or 100 views and I was already super happy I never imagined it would get me here today.

3. When did you realize this was the career you wanted?

I think the first times I was able to meet my subscribers face to face at conventions or meet ups were the turning point in my career.

To see that it's not just numbers and likes but that through the screen I reach real people who follow me and who love what I do.

Being able to see the joy of the subscribers who meet me is indescribable and it touches me enormously, it's a very special bond that we have, that's how I knew what I wanted to do: entertain, bring joy, good humor and allow young people to be able to escape through my daily life.

Zoe is wearing our Robin Fuchsia and Twiggy Rose

4. What is your creative process?

I do things instinctively, of course over time I had to become more professional and organized because working full time is a demanding job and you can quickly let yourself be overwhelmed.

In terms of creation, I draw a lot of inspiration from my daily life, from what people of my age experience, from my friends, from what we see on the networks.

Once I have an idea for a video, I film it alone or with the help of my loved ones, then I edit it and as soon as it's ready I publish it!

I'm never much ahead of my content, because it's spontaneous and natural content so I can't anticipate too much haha

5. What inspires you right now?

At the moment I have a lot of respect and admiration for women who become real businesswomen thanks to their passion and who engage with their generation.

I am thinking in particular of Angèle, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Camille Lellouche but also of influencers who have brought something fresh and new to social networks.  ( @mybetterself, @lenasituation )..

6. Does curiosity play a role in your work? If so, what drives your curiosity?

Of course, besides, I am very curious in my personal life, so in my professional life even more so.

In order to renew yourself and not always do the same thing, you have to know how to go and see what is being done elsewhere, whether with other content creators, in other countries, on other applications, or quite simply find out about the news.

I like to touch everything and test new challenges, new techniques, new trends...

7. What are the challenges in the industry you work in and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is to stand out, there are a lot of content creators on the internet and sometimes it's tempting to copy what works for others, but you shouldn't.

Being yourself and doing things your way is the only thing that works, subscribers are looking for authenticity above all :)

Besides, being on youtube as a woman is more difficult because the most famous youtubers are men and people tend to categorize female youtubers as “girls who talk about makeup” but this is not the case. Fortunately, more and more content creators are making their mark on youtube and that's a pleasure!

8. Are you working on something at the moment, can you share it with us?

Yes !! I just announced the release of my 2021-2022 school diary!

It is a product on which I have been working in collaboration with the publishing house SOLAR EDITION since last September.

I had already released one last year and my subscribers loved it, this year it's a more mature, more discreet diary but just as much in my image.

It's already in pre-order and will be released on June 3 in stores! I'm also working on several other cool projects that I will unveil throughout the year on my networks :) I can't wait!

9. If you could give young women one piece of advice, what would it be?

Today the biggest problem of young people is the loss of self-confidence due to a constant comparison of their physique with that of other women on social networks.

I don't retouch my photos, I show myself without make-up and without a filter precisely so that the young girls who follow me don't identify with something fake.

So the advice I would have to give would be to realize that everything you see on the networks does not necessarily represent reality and therefore you absolutely must not compare yourself to these perfect bodies on Instagram. Unfortunately, I have done it for a long time and I know how complex it can be...

Zoe is wearing our Camilla Ecru

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Zoe as much as we did!




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