An interview with Chloé Bechini

An interview with Chloé Bechini

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Chloé Bechini, is a French model and the creative director of her own jewelry brand 'Bonanza Paris'. This all round Parisian creative has been working in the modeling world since she was just 8 years old. Moving into her early 20s, she started to work as a strategic planner in a Parisian advertising agency. It was then that she decided to start her own jewelery collection Bonanza Paris. She devoted herself to creating beautifully studied, highly decadent, and embellished pieces.

Chloe in our Vanessa Noir and Twiggy

We sat down with Chloé at Mirae HQ to talk about her business and some of the lessons she has learned while exploring the path less traveled.

1. Where are you from?

I am originally from Nice in the south of France, but I've been living in Paris for the past 8 years.

2. Tell us a little bit about why you created your own brand?

I always grew up wanting to start my own business. Before the creation of Bonanza Paris, I was already working on several independent projects while modeling.

The creation of Bonanza Paris was the culmination of my creative desire, love for jewelry, and numerous drawings I'd already sketched.

3. What unique characteristics does jewelery have that attract and inspire you?

My primary inspiration comes from my admiration for women. I'm currently “traveling" into the past to learn about some of the first civilizations that introduced jewelry as a social and spiritual symbol.

Chloe wearing our Debbie Noir and Twiggy

4. Can you share with us a little bit about your creative process before developing pieces?

I always start with a blank page. It helps me avoid becoming irrelevant or creating ideas that are “already seen”.

Generally, it is my daily life, my travels, and my various observations in these times that keep my ideas fresh.

I also try to keep in mind the desires of my clients and current trends, but this always comes second. Creativity is the first priority!

Chloe is wearing Vanessa Noir and Twiggy

5. What have you learned about starting a business in your 20s that you would like to pass on to your younger self?

Creating a brand or business is very challenging.

In my opinion, self-confidence is crucial. That is believing in your project, your ideas, and having the will to bring it into reality.

I would also say motivation is key because you can't create a company with simple desires. You have to be willing to constantly learn, create, and strive for what you want to achieve. So, only if you are truly motivated can you break through any and all obstacles you have to overcome.

6. What's one piece of jewellery, beauty, skincare, and piece of clothing you think every French girl should own? 

A piece of jewellery: Holy Necklace from Bonanza Paris, you can wear it all year round!

A beauty item: Well, if it were still 2019 I would have said a good red lipstick, but in 2020/2021 I'd have to suggest an eco-friendly Mirae mask.

A skincare tip (rather than product): Manuka honey - a beauty tip from my grandmother. She's always told me to do a face-mask with it every two days.

A piece of clothing: The famous Mirae Gia dress. It makes me weak to my knees!

Chloe is wearing our Gia

We hope you enjoyed meeting Chloe as much as we did! To celebrate the holidays, we partnered up with Chloé's brand, Bonanza Paris. We are doing a little giveaway of our Gia dress and two pieces from Bonanza Paris. Check out our Instagram @Miraeparis for more details.



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