Upclose with Jade De Brito

Upclose with Jade De Brito

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Jade De Brito, a film maker, colourist and model. Jade, was born in Brazil, and grew up in Vietnam, but has spent the past 10 years living in Paris. She arrived into Paris because of love and has stayed because she found a new love of the city, all of its quirks, annoyances, and little charms. 

Jade in our Lola Pants and Jerry Jacket

We sat down with Jade and asked her a few questions about being a creative, what's currently inspiring her in these unprecedented times, self discovery, and how fashion and her style has allowed her to express herself.

We have to ask, what does a digital colourist do? 

A digital colourist works hand in hand with the director and photographer. We use what's called a 'colorimetric' to define the mood, look, and vibe of a film. Color has a huge impact on mood, the way it can hide or reveal things. 

When did you realize that's what you wanted to do?

I fell in love with this job for multiple reasons. First was because I've always loved creating images, telling stories and think colors are an amazing tool to help project emotions.  I also love the sacredness of how it's done. Every aspect can be modified, saturated, brightened, or toned down. Every adjustment requires a decision. They have meaning behind them and a simple adjustment can elevate the effectiveness of a film. 

What types of films have you created?

They are quite different project to project.

For example I've done mostly created fashion films, but I've also orchestrated music videos and short feature films.

My newest project just came out. It is called Oracle Sisters. The film is for a song called High mood. It's a journey into self-discovery. I really enjoyed it because it felt more like creating an art-piece, a poem, or a painting than an actual shoot.

I also acted in it a little and edited it, so I got really attached to this project - it's my baby. But, I tend to direct, shoot, edit, and color most of my projects. I've started to develop a strong relationship with all of them and each one is either a success or failure. I take something away from each project no matter what and I get to learn from it. 

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You grew up in three incredibly diverse yet different countries. How have the different cultures influenced your work? 

I was born in Brazil but my true home, in my heart, is Vietnam. I love the way people think, the heat, the smells and noises, the madness of street traffic, and how the city of Saigon beats.

I'm a very fast-paced person, and Saigon's traffic is a very good representation of what my mind probably looks like ;) 

The intensity and carefreeness of Saigon and Sao Paulo both show in my work. 

Do you have a creative process prior to working on your art? Could you share it with us? 

My creative process is sitting in my bathtub and taking long baths or walking for hours. It takes a while before I can get into the "zone". Once I start thinking and getting excited about new ideas or things I'd like to do or create I need to be alone and away from all distractions. I then go to a place where I can have conversations with myself which actually means I stare into the abyss or walk aimlessly haha!

What have you discovered about yourself, while being in lockdown? 

2020 has inspired me to be myself no matter what. I've always been very self-aware and quite shy about my creativity. Now, I've gotten older and am slowly learning not to care about what others may think which may be my biggest achievement. 2020 taught me that even if the world is burning and everything seems dark there are still so many things in life that get me going and still excites me like my friends and the process of creating. It's taught me that sometimes we all need to calm down, sit, and be bored just a little to value the little things in life.

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If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go and why? 

If I could go anywhere I would definitely go to Saigon. I mean, there are so many places I want to visit and see but during these difficult times we all need to feel comforted. There's no better place than home. 

There you have it, Jade, a woman who lives for creativity and an advocate for constant discovery!

Let us know which city has influenced your work, life, and love affairs with yourself or others. 



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